Keepsake memory bunny

Today’s DIY project – turning Max’s too small onesie in to a memory bear!

7 weeks old playing while on holiday in Whitianga – wearing his puppy onesie

I am by no means a professional/experienced sewer! I tried to find a Pinterest tutorial and after skimming through atleast 30 different pages, I decided it couldn’t be THAT hard and I’d just go for it and make it up as I went! 

I started by cutting off the zip, removing the arms and then the legs. I made the arms and legs thinner and stitched them back together inside out before stuffing with an old cushion inner and stitching the top shut. 

Memory bunny legs and arms

Next I cut the top third of the body section off for the head. The remaining two-thirds was then cut in half leaving me with a separated front and back. I stitched down the left side first with the arm put in, followed by the two legs and bottom then the right side and arm. I stitched across the shoulders and stuffed the body. 

The ears were made from some extra left over material I had from a previous project and have no stuffing.

The head was cut to make it two separate pieces for the front and back. I sewed this together with the ears from the inside-out. Lastly, I stuffed the head and sewed it on! 

The end result!

One happy little bunny!

Have you made a keepsake memory bunny or bear? 


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